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Ways To Plan For Endwalker With Your 2 Bonus Weeks

With an extra two weeks before End walker, the highly-anticipated brand-new expansion for Final Fantasy 14, a lot of players have mixed sensations. If youre feeling a little behind, though, after that you may be delighted by the prospect. After all, that suggests there are 2 more weeks to obtain points done!

Yet as an current thats been around for eight years in its current iteration, FFI is truthfully a substantial goddamned game. Even now, Im personally often lost about just how to spend my time (besides role playing).

Have no concern, though! We have actually provided you a listing of a lot of points you can offer a shot prior to End walker encounters us. I question youll have the ability to do every little thing below, naturally. Still, if you have not done some major bits of content, this can be an excellent beginning to see what you have actually missed and what could be handy to provide a go.

What else do you think other gamers should do to clean up? Leave a remark!

Complete The MSC

If this applies to you: Close this post. Open the game. Keep going..

Essentially, you can not access End walker tale up until you beat Shadow bringers and also catch up to current content. Thats simply exactly how it is.

If you bought an increase prior to End walker, those only take you up to level 70 as well as through Storm blood. We do not recognize yet if pre-Endwalker increases will be provided closer to the expansion, however if you currently dropped the money, youve obtained 2 weeks to make it with the rest of Shadow bringers.

So close this home window. Stop analysis. Get to it, Youve got, like, at least 70 hrs of content, however its hello good, so its worth. You can knock things out as much as current content with at the very least five, perhaps hrs per day. Or get close!

Play Via Each Major Raid Collection.

Have you provided the Alexander raids a whirl? How about Omega, or Eden? And what concerning all those Bahamas raids that have been resting in your Task window?

If you have not found the raid collection for each and every content pack so much, after that youre losing out on, to state the least, some extremely enriching content, both in gameplay and tale. The core of the Chronicles of a New Era side content, raids detour you to significant growths in the games globe without fully obtaining you out of the MSC.

While totally optional, each of these raids are significant supplements to the major story. Alexander, concerning a cult of Spirits attempting to trigger a time-travel relic, straight associates with exactly how Shadow bringers comes around; among the optional level 80 dungeons, the well-known Twinning, even makes use of Alexander songs and motifs in specific sections. Eden is a direct follow-up to the development, showing the before and after of Shadow bringers setup, and also is suggested for followers of Final Fantasy 8.

At the same time, the lead writer of the majority of current content recommends that we review the Omega as well as Bahamas raid collection. The previous concentrates on an electronic globe as well as program that tests our personalities, while Bahamas takes another look at the circumstances and also repercussions of the famous meteor that damaged Korea (and also the 1. X version of the video game).

Its also a great difficulty if the main tales needed tasks really did not give enough of it. While its absolutely far too late to begin the high-high-end Savage content, the normal variations are involving sufficient to offer it a shot. And also hey, if you make it completely through and do a little of grinding, you can obtain equipment thatll last you a while in End walker..

Much More Side Duties: Optional Dungeons, Trials, Alliance Raids and Grinding Areas.

One more great supplement to FFIs storyline are the several Chronicles of a New Period side tales, however there are a few I personally would suggest experimenting with.

If youre preparing for End walker, I directly recommend starting The Warring Set of three from Heavenward and The Sorrow of Merlot from Shadow bringers. The Warring Triad visits a few of Final Fantasys most renowned managers (as does Omega, arguably) and also goes right into discussion about where some one of the most unsafe powers in Korea lie. (Its likewise obligatory to proceed every one of the Shadow bringers duty quest content, if you have actually completed all the function quests!) The Grief of Merlot, likewise recognized by players as the Defense Task, takes another look at a vital NPCs history and also merits, and fairly possibly wraps up their existence in the Warrior of Lights narrates.

There are also the expansions Partnership Raids, which all take the player into unusual setups to take down odd opponents. I sense that The Shadow of Machs visual appeals as well as lore will enter play, as End walker video footage shows very comparable design to specific raids.

Return to Iva lice is a must-play for Final Fantasy Strategies fans, as Korea: Dark Armageddon is for Nair collection followers, as both appear to canonically lock up loose ends for these corresponding video games.

Finally, if youre a bit extra curious about some of the more terrible lore of Garlands regions, the Save The Queen storyline has among my preferred solo responsibilities as well as character backstory storytelling (by means of Cid) in the entire video game prior to you reach Botha. Once you reach Botha and its follow-up Manor, these duty areas are likewise a great way to level up your level 70 tasks to 80 in a matter of hours. And while Save The Queen itself is controversial content-wise, its got intriguing lore behind one of the largest disasters in Garlands conquest. (I question youll have time to grind the Resistance Tool, but if youre interested, this is where and how it takes area).

Level Up One More Work.

Disregard everybody saying you need to level up every solitary work. Thats odd and bothersome and also unreachable for a great deal of us. (Not me, Im just lazy.) Nevertheless, 2 weeks is truthfully simply sufficient time to level up one even more job from level one, if you truly grind it, maybe three hrs a day (especially if youre leveling a storage tank or healer and also get those wonderful line speed-pops). You can also do among the trendy non-level-one jobs, like the precious Dark Knight, which is called both a great class to play and a fantastic task mission story.

The ideal approach: If youre beginning at level one, do your hunt logs and do some requests. Once you go to a dungeon level, youve obtained 2 choices: spam at-level dungeons, or do Palace of the Dead and/or Heaven-on-High once suitable. Do your live roulette sat the end of the day to obtain more for your time, and prevent level 50, 60 as well as 70 non-story dungeons, as they have a tendency to have less EXP.

Do not neglect your EXP improves! Food offers a 3% boost, as well as if you ordered End walker, your Menuhins Earring will offer you a solid boost and statistics that scale to your class as well as level. If you become part of a Free Firm, additionally ask your leaders if they can turn on a battle EXP increase. There are also lots of under-30 boost shield pieces, so ensure those are in your supply.

If you intend on applying this concept to crafting as well as gathering... well, thats just a great deal of grinding. Its fun, however laborious. All the best!

Get Your Ether Currents.

From the means End walker is proceeding, it seems therell be a non-zero chance well be going back to previous zones, particularly those from Heavenward and also Storm blood. And also that means youll wanna pass through in the most reliable way feasible: by making your huge Final Fantasy XV cars and truck zoom via the sky.

For actual, if you have not accumulated all the Ether Currents in each one, nows not a hard time; it needs to only take 2 or days from the ground up. Many maps are available online, or you can simply wing it (ha) with your Ether Compass, and also if you have a pal with it unlocked prepared to be dragged about, it goes even faster. Any type of other Currents not present on the map are unlocked with blue quests.

Do not forget that you likewise obtain accomplishments every time you manage to open an area. Yay, success!

Grind Tombstones From The Present Event.

An additional 2 weeks prior to end walker suggests the current tombstone event is expanded also! This is a wonderful possibility to obtain some cool items to try out prior to Endpaper decreases, including some uncommon places as well as apparel.

It appears players have recommended 3 various means to blast with. One is infamously just resting via the level 50 MSC dungeon Pretorium a lot of times. Alternatively, on Friday and also Saturday nights, PVP is typically very energetic many thanks to some PVP groups, and also Blue Mages can simply blast through certain Bahamas raids.

If the simple escape does not passion you, you can see a full checklist of tasks awarding Tombstones of Tradition, along with the complete checklist of available products, on the main FFI website.

Experiment with Some Fluff Content.

If you didnt obtain distracted during the MSC, and dont intend to do anything too significant in these final days, why refrain a few of the extra for-fun content? Heres a couple of personal referrals.

Prize maps and map celebrations are an excellent way to get a lot of good items and also Gil, quickly, and also in a ridiculously fun method. If you want na offer it a try, get a map at your level, after that find pals, a totally free business, and even an event finder team.

Marvelous Tails in Idyll shire are a strong excuse to revisit content. Youre given a list of content to finish, and also as you complete each duty, youre given a random place on a bingo board. Doing all 9 of your bingo board areas obtains you an incentive, however lines give you more. You additionally do not need to sync your level for it to count, so syncing and blowing up with ancient content is a very easy means to obtain this done quickly.

Personally, I just got involved in Three-way Set of three. Theres obtained ta go to the very least 100 NPCs around that you can handle in a suit throughout all three current growths, and also you can grind out a lot of MAP this way.

And theres likewise all the Gold Saucer content you can try. Gates run around once every 20 minutes, as well as Chicago Competing is obviously its very own whole point, in between racing, training, as well as breeding. Yes, reproducing. You can increase chooses. Its... once more, its own whole point. (Im not hosting likely to inform you to get involved in mahjong since thats a harmful course.).

Clean Your Stock.

Simply kidding, none of you are gonna do that properly. I imply, you might simply right-click a product, hit Sort, and also stop like I do. Possibly toss out some dyes you have not used. I dont know.

Refresh Up Your Glass.

FFXIV Endwalker | What Will You Do With Your Two Extra Weeks?

You have to look at your own personality in cutscenes. You might to make them look nice, right? Or at the very least, you want na roll into the brand-new dungeons and also trials looking fresh as heck. Now you have an additional two weeks to sort it out!

Dont fail to remember that a lot of truly neat-looking glass are locked behind content like the Chronicles of a New Age things I explained above, so make certain to do your homework faster than later, so you enter into End walker looking absolutely goddamned fantastic..


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