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FC Bayern Munich - Nagelsmann open for winter

(listen)) is the largest city of Germany's most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and also the fourth-most populous city as well as one of the oldest in Germany. With 3.6 million people in the urban region and 1.1 million citizens within its city correct, Cologne is the biggest city on the river Rhine as well as also the most populous city of both the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region and the Rhineland. On the left (west) financial institution of the Rhine, Cologne is concerning 35 km (22 mi) southeast of NRW's state capital Düsseldorf as well as 25 km (16 mi) northwest of Bonn. The city's Middle Ages Catholic Cologne Basilica (Older DOM), the third-tallest church as well as the tallest sanctuary in the globe, built to house the Temple of the Three Kings, is an internationally acknowledged site and one of the most visited sights and expedition destinations in Europe. The cityscape is further shaped by the Twelve Romanesque churches of Cologne, and Cologne is well-known for Eau de Cologne, that has been generated in the city since 1709, as well as cologne has since become a generic term. There are numerous institutions of college in the city, most especially the College of Cologne, among Europe's earliest and biggest colleges; the Technical College of Cologne, Germany's biggest college of applied scientific researches; and the German Sport University Cologne. It holds 3 Max Planck scientific research institutes and also is a significant study center for the aerospace industry, with the German Aerospace Facility as well as the European Astronaut Center head office. It also has significant chemical as well as automobile industry. Cologne Bonn Airport is a local hub, the main flight terminal for the area is Düsseldorf Flight terminal. Cologne, the French version of the city's name, has come to be conventional in English. Cologne was a free royal city of the Divine Roman Empire and one of the major participants of the trade union Hanseatic Organization. It was one of the biggest European cities in Middle Ages and also renaissance times. Prior to The Second World War, the city had actually undergone occupations by the French (1794-- 1815) and the British (1918-- 1926), as well as belonged to Prussia starting in 1815. Cologne was one of the most greatly flopped cities in Germany throughout The Second World War. The battle lowered the populace by 95%, mainly due to discharge, and damaged practically the whole millennia-old town hall. The post-war restoring has actually resulted in a really combined cityscape, recovering just major historical spots like city gateways and churches (31 of them being Romanesque). Cologne is a significant social center for the Rhineland; it holds even more than 30 museums and also numerous galleries. Events range from neighborhood ancient Roman ancient websites to modern graphics as well as sculpture. The Cologne Profession Fair hosts a number of profession shows such as Art Cologne, Mexico, mm Cologne, Photoing and also Games com, a leading video games reasonable.

(listen)) is the biggest city of Germany's most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and also the fourth-most heavily populated city and one of the earliest in Germany. With 3.6 million individuals in the urban region and also 1.1 million inhabitants within its city appropriate, Cologne is the biggest city on the river Rhine as well as also the most populous city of both the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Area and the Rhineland. There are numerous establishments of higher education and learning in the city, most notably the College of Cologne, one of Europe's earliest and biggest universities; the Technical University of Cologne, Germany's largest college of used sciences; and also the German Sporting Activity College Cologne. Cologne was one of the most heavily bombed cities in Germany during Globe War II. The Cologne Trade Fair holds a number of trade shows such as Art Cologne, Mexico, mm Cologne, Photoing as well as Games com, a leading video clip games reasonable.

In front of the Bundesliga away game at the 1st FC Cologne Julian Nagelsmann has asked the questions of the media representatives. The Bavaria coach spoke about possible transfers in winter, the current staffing situation and the opponent.

Thus, Nagelsmann announced to keep an eye on the personnel difficult situation of Bavaria. Winter transfers could also be a topic. I always think about transfers. That's part of my job. I have always been a big fan of winter transfers. This brings again fresh wind into the team and the players have been preparing for a long time, said Nagelsmann.

Against the 1st FC Cologne, some corona returnees will be back in the squad. For a start-up, it is not enough for many: Not yet one hundred percent fit is yet. UPAMECANO, SANE, PIANO, RICHARDS and NEW are back in the squad, apart from Many, most of them will take place on the bank.

But not only therefore, the journey could be challenging to Cologne. They are extremely dangerous to flanks. Most impresses me that they go through this offensive concept, they defend very high, Nagelsmann estimates the upcoming opponent.

FC coach Steffen Rampart had a good development advanced. He pulls through his line. He always wants to see a team in the square, the good football plays. Someone who also trusts something, says the Bavaria coach.

FC Bayern: The press conference with Julian Nagelsmann in the live ticker to read

Nagelsmann over possible transfer requests: I always think about transfers. That's part of my job. I have always been a big fan of winter transfers. This brings again fresh wind into the team and the players have to prepare for a long time to prepare for a long time, But the winter is always complicated and expensive. We will discuss things about things. But there must also be an economically meaningful frame. At the Sabine Strafe, no oil source bubbles.

Nagelsmann on the problem with the many injured / failures: This week good that players like Gimmick or Sanitizer have completely trained again. The danger of getting problems in the last half hour is of course with so many Excellent high. We will need creative solutions again. But it gets better than worse.

Nagelsmann over the 1st FC Cologne: They are extremely dangerous for flanks. Most impresses me that they are going through this offensive concept, they defend very high. With us, you are the team with most players in the opposing 16er, That's why they are so dangerous in the counterattack. It does not matter if they play against a master candidate or against a cellar. Too bad that almost no viewers are in the stadium. That would be a horny game with two good teams.

Nagelsmann over possible young players in the squad against Cologne: The two who come in, are also in the squad against Cologne again. They made that very well. In terms of perspective, I trust myself, such players in the right direction to lead. The step of becoming a regular player at Bayern is, of course, very high. Since we have to find creative solutions. So that talents like Paul Wanner have a good perspective in the club.

Nagelsmann about heart muscle inflammation from Davies: We do not know exactly if it was triggered by Corona. The likelihood is given, but it is not one hundred percent clear. But that is not the crucial factor. Fact is: he has it, That's modest until crappy until highly crappy.

Nagelsmann: One hundred percent fit is none

Nagelsmann About the Future of See: I do not think he is unimportant to the club. He has received an offer from the club, but he has not signed that yet. He is a game type that is not often on the Mart gives. There are no more to report. There you have to ask the player. My job is to deliver top benefits.

Nagelsmann over the Woman extension: I personally did not talk to him. I just expressed the wish that he should stay. I am pleased that it has worked, and he has extended. Responsible made a good job. Especially because he had many prospects in Europe. We have a very good base of human and sporty nature. He is an important part of this team and a sympathetic guy.

Nagelsmann about the speculation about a Jensen transfer: I have not seen so much of him. He's also planned for the Academy. But it's good that we recognize good people in the scouting area, He definitely has the potential, but it is still another way.

Nagelsmann on the first day of the new year. Ne mixture of everything I actually thought that we bury the corona topic before Christmas, unfortunately, was not so As a team we did it against Playback still very good. Made. The game we can win. That was a little annoying. Now it is the task of making the result against Cologne better.

Nagelsmann about the staff. Is To fully fit none yet Upamecano, Sane, Piano, Richards and New are back in the squad, apart from Many are but most of them take only once on the bench also Polish again.. With this case Davies is it so that we were infected in the follow-up that we make with each player of the Corona yesterday, signs of mild myocardial — have pronounced determined myocardial He will therefore be for the next few weeks also Gretzky is. Still missing. He is still under construction training. Since we will try a drug therapy and then see what happens.

Nagelsmann on the offensive announcements from Cologne coach Rampart before the game: He's a very cool guy and an perfect coach in Paderborn and Cologne, he has advanced a good development, he draws his line through it... always want to see a team on the pitch, good playing football. Someone who sometimes trusts yourself. This reminds me very much of me. The fact that we're favorites, is clear. But the statements I liked.

Start: Julian Nagel man comes into the press room. The PK starts.

Woman jumps forward: the Bavaria salary ranking

Before the start: Only Lucas Hernandez is still in quarantine. In addition, will probably continue to fail the injured Kingsley Coman (rehab), Leon Goretzka (Patellasehnenprobleme) and Josie Statistic (match fitness). Definitely not there are Bound Carr and Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (both African Nations Cup).

Before the start: Above all, the current staff will be able to before the match against FC of interest. Had to give Compared to last week, when one against Playback on many regular players returned during the week almost all suffering from Corona professionals back from their isolation.

Before the start: From 12:00 will coach Julian Nagelsmann answer questions from the media.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the press conference of FC Bayern Munich before the away game against 1. FC Cologne.

FC Bayern guest in Cologne-ups as expected

  • 1. FC Cologne : Schwab — Schmitz, Lilian, Hubert, Hector — Oz can — Juridic, Dada, Keying — Modest, Utah
  • FC Bayern: Never — Gimmick, Award, Sure, Davies — Rock, Polish — Gary, T. Müller, Musial — Lewandowski

FC Bayern: The press conference with Julian Nagelsmann streaming LIVE

As usual, you can also keep track of free streaming LIVE press conferences to Bayern games. The FCB offers on its homepage to a transmission that goes at 12 am on the air.

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Bundesliga: The current table

team Sp. S U N gates Diff. Pkt.
1 Bayern Munich 18 14 1 3 57: 18 39 43
2 Borussia Dortmund 18 12 1 5 44: 28 16 37
3 1899 Cofferdam 18 9 4 5 38: 27 11 31
4 SC Freiburg 18 8 6 4 30: 18 12 30
5 Bayer Leverkusen 18 8 5 5 42: 30 12 29
6 1. FC Cologne 18 7 7 4 30: 28 2 28
7 1. FC Union Berlin 18 7 7 4 25: 23 2 28
8 Eintracht Frankfurt 18 7 6 5 29: 27 2 27
9 RB Leipzig 18 7 4 7 34: 23 11 25
10 1. PSV Mainz 05 18 7 3 8 26: 21 5 24
11 VFL Bochum 18 7 2 9 17: 26 -9 23

How 12 | For Mönchengladbach. | 18 | 6 | 4 | 8 | 24: 33 | -9 | 22 13 | Bertha BSC | 18 | 6 | 3 | 9 | 21: 38 | -17 | 21 14 | VFL Wolfsburg | 18 | 6 | 2 | 10 | 17: 30 | -13 | 20 15 | VfB Stuttgart | 18 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 22: 31 | -9 | 18 16 | FC Augsburg | 18 | 4 | 6 | 8 | 18: 29 | -11 | 18 17 | Armenia Bielefeld | 18 | 3 | 8 | 7 | 16: 24 | -8 | 17 18 | Sprig Reuther Fürth | 18 | 1 | 3 | 14 | 13: 49 | -36 | 6


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