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Smile Gate 'Rost Arc', steam simultaneous access to 132 million people,

[Data provided: Smile Gate]

** - , 11th (local time) Global game distribution platform 'Steam' through North America, Europe, South America, Australia, etc.

\ - Steam simultaneous users with 1.3 million people, 2nd place in the past, ranking the most of the most popular games, the first place in the Global Top Seller, 127 million people... All the fields of charts, and 'Sindrome'

** \ - Horizontal, etc.

The Smile Gate RPG is a global game, and the Korea MMORPG , which is developed and served, is a global company's amazon subsidiary. Since its launch, it has exceeded 132 million people at the same time, he said, and he said today (16th) today (16th), which has achieved a ranking of two in the past.

has done global service requests from all over the world since its initiation of domestic services in November, 2018, and the expectation of these game fans has led to a great response in accordance with the launch of the .

On the 11th (local time), has been on the first place in the "games currently being played the most since formal launch, and on the 12th, the number of concurrent users in the top simultaneous number of concurrent users exceeded 1320,000 I set it. This is as well as a local MMORPG as well as a unprecedented large list as well as RPG all over the world. After the steam launch of , it is 4.7 million for new subscribers in the Western market, including North America and Europe, including North America and Europe during the first 3rd day (11th to 13).

she thought her stream was off...

The attention of the Western market market has already been announced from the 'Early Access' period, which has been launched in the third day, As a result, Amazon Games expanded up to 68 servers just before the launch, but the implementator was greatly exceeded and exceeded for anticipation, such as the queue occurred in the whole area. Amazon Games is a plan to advance the new 'Regulation', which is a top concept than the server in Europe on the 13th, and accelerates the current launch.

In addition, the starter packs released on the 11th, and the top rating packages rose on the top of the steam 'Top Seller' and the other packages were all over the top 10.

In addition, in Global Broadcasting Platform 'Twitch', the top concurrent viewers of the broadcast on the theme of were 1270,000, and the highest ranking of the total category of the entire category in the twitch. In addition, a total of 112,000 broadcasts were opened for the first state of launch (on September 13), and the cumulative viewing time exceeded 5.99 million hours.

This is a result of a more remarkable meaning in the Western Market, which was a little bit that was considered somewhat walled in Korea MMORPG in Korea. The entry barriers have a boom of MMORPG once again at the end of the game's finance, and continuing to continuously trace the game through the adventurers after the domestic launching of MMORPG's genre of MMORPG.

Smile Gate RPG plans to build a solid partnership with the Amazon Games, not spending a full support for the successful global market attack of . In particular, as in Korea, it is actively communicating with adventurers in the global market.

As part of this traffic efforts, for a week from February 7 to 11, the Akweek communicates with a variety of information on the "Roast Arc" through the "Crown", We held the response of local adventurers. In particular, the live broadcast image, which is a local liner director directly, has been recorded by 100,000 simultaneous viewers, and the number of cumulative municipators recorded 800,000.

"Our goal is that our goal is the most customer friendly enterprise in the global game market," said Amazon Games Mike. " I am gaining a big strength. We said that we will continue to utilize various channels such as prime gaming and twitches to enjoy in the future. "

On the other hand, the global version of the formal launched is a Lolly, which was shown in the last CBT with 15 classes, followed by the continent of 'Yon', 'Payton' and 'Paponica', expanding the continent. In addition, various contents such as 90 island contents and 'T3' equipment are shown. The Smile Gate RPG will continue to update additional content in order, considering the content consumption and growth rate of users' content consumption and growth rate.

The Smile Gate RPG support was impressed with the hot support of MMORPG fans around the world for "Roast Arc". As such, also conveys a greeting of a sincere gratitude to domestic adventurers who share romanties together to grow into a global MMORPG that represents Korea. "In addition," I will focus on the capabilities of the company and to be a typical global IP that is loved by the world. "

For more information on , you can check through the Official Homepage .


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