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All free games for PlayStation Plus from April 2022

Every month, Sony offers a new batch of downloadable games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It is usually a combination of PS4 and PS5 games you can play while your subscription remains active. As we are about to start a new month, we offer a summary of the free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in April 2022 . Hood: Frashing and legends (PS4, PS5) Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated (PS4) Kill the needle (PS4) PlayStation Plus April 2022 Free Games PlayStation Plus April 2022 Free Games Hood: Frashing and legends (PS4, PS5) Hood is an online multiplayer title in which Rival Bands fight in different scenarios that are largely based on stealing the rich to be able, presumably, give it to the poor. The Gold Rush PvPve mode is possibly the most interesting, where two teams of four players have the task of stealing and extracting treasures as they fight against the other team and defeat the guards of the IA that they try to ruin their plans. Each class

Genshin Impact announces the new characters Yelan and Kuki Shinobu

The release date of Genshin Impact Kamisato Ayato is facing the door, but developers Hoyoverse will not have the Yashiro Commissioner not having fun after he has announced over Twitter today that two new Genshin Impact characters, Yelan and Kuki Shinobu, their great Appearance will have to Teyvat. Designated as "a mysterious person claiming to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs," says Yelan from Liyue seems to come. According to her Twitter revelation, "Yelan's identity has always been a mystery", and she has a prenny to find out "in different panels at the center of events" and always interfere with her final. Ironically, those who have kept up to date on the latest Leaks actually know a lot about Yelan - at least as they will appear in the game. At the beginning of the month what she seems to be character model was divided on reddit, with allegedly screenshots in the game also appear on the site. Meanwhile, little is known about how Kuki Shin

Lost ARK: So farm your livelihoods to enhance your equipment

From product level 802 you have actually officially arrived in the Tier 2 area. Rather than harmony fronds, you currently need food fragments to boost the experience points of your devices so you can ultimately improve them. Life fragments are essential to enhance your equipment in MMORPG Lost ARK. We from Meinmmo reveal you how you get several of the fragments you need in the endgame. Obtaining Life Fragments in Lost Ark - That's exactly how it functions You can enhance your tools from +1 to +20, with +15 enough. However, considering that the upgrade can likewise fall short, several rocks are needed till your devices has improved to +15. That's why we'll tell you exactly how to promptly revive fragments: Are you already got here in the "Tier 2" location and also persistent to bring your Itemlevel to 960? Have you currently thought the life fragments, or are doing not have other products such as life jumps or guard stones? Unas tasks : These are regular

SC Magdeburg vs. THW Kiel: Handball Bundesliga today in the live ticker

In the Handball Bundesliga, the SC Magdeburg and the THW Kiel are facing each other today. The meeting in the live ticker. SC Magdeburg vs. THW Kiel: Handball Bundesliga today in the live ticker - before the start SC Magdeburg vs. THW Kiel: Handball Bundesliga today live in the TV and Livestream Handball Bundesliga: The current table Lace-up in the Handball Bundesliga: Lace Rider SC Magdeburg receives pursuer THW Kiel. THW Kiel ticks the game live. The item is updated continuously. Click here for the refresh of the page. SC Magdeburg vs. THW Kiel: Handball Bundesliga today in the live ticker - before the start Before starting: That's a treat: In the Handball Bundesliga, the SC Magdeburg and the THW Kiel take on this Saturday. Table forest against table-second! Whether the encounter also holds what promises you? It starts in the Getec Arena at 6 pm. Before starting: Welcome to the live ticker! SC Magdeburg vs. THW Kiel: Handball Bundesliga today live in the TV and Livest

16% of Elden Ring PS5

It has been a month since fromSoftwares glossy new ARPG ELDEN RING showed up and blew our collective heads. During this time, we have already seen Speedrunner so far that his over 50 hours of clear time was reduced to less than half an hour, while creative players showed characters that were stylized from anime protagonists to To Kratos God of War. According to the success of PlayStation 5 and Steam Elden Ring, however, some people may have spent more time to optimize their Tarrnished when the Lands Between actually explore. Be warned, spoiler ahead. According to psnprofile, PS5 players had a rather successful time on the street, but a small percentage - 16.1% to be more accurate - is still struggling to get past Margit, The Fell Oommen. In fact, 10.4% of players did not even make it up to the Roundtable Hold. Of course, there are a number of reasons for that. Some have just started their journey just, while others have given up the starting areas in favor of adventures in far awa

PlayStation documents issues in PS4 and also PS5 online services: These are the impacted systems

According to the PlayStation site, there are troubles at PS Currently, PS Store and also social experience originally indicated by the popular tubero Nibel , the company's site suggests that inconveniences have been discovered in numerous of the services Online PlayStation. In this feeling, ps5 and ps4, as well as various other brand name systems with on the internet connection, may experience mistakes at PS NOW, PS Store as well as social experience . Today, PlayStation urged PS5 individuals with adequate information. Through an update of the firmware, the opportunity of accessing open and closed teams has been added (something that is additionally executed in PS4) and also assures to include the innovation VRR in the future. However, there are steps that do not come without stumbles, which is why some issues in PlayStation services have actually now been registered. Various other solutions such as account management, PS Video clip and also PS Direct job without is

1. FC Nuremberg concedes damper in the rise battle

Winning streaks torn, two tightly planned points Give away: The 1st FC Nuremberg has had to take a damper in the rise bustle of the 2nd football Bundesliga. The Franks came against the now ten games Sieglose Dynamo Dresden despite initial clear superiority not beyond a disappointing 1: 1 (1: 1). Fabian Nürnberger (12th) had the 1st FCN with his leadership hit still hope for the fifth victory in series. But Christoph Daferner (42nd) expected and prevented that Nuremberg equally equal to points with the SV Darmstadt 98 on relegation platz. The relegated dresdner shortened the residue in rank 15 on two counters. At first it seemed as if the club rolls over the guests. After Nuremberg's violence from 20 meters to the lead, Lukas Schleimer (15th) and Taylan Duman (24th) had best opportunities. The compensation fell out of nothing: Dafenerer recalled cold snow at the first post a cross of AGYEMANG Diawusie. The latter put the first exclamation mark in the second half when he hit th

As a leader in the final: Dürr misses her first World Cup again

At the end of the Alpine season, the Munichman went on Sunday in the French Meribel in Slalom in second place. After the lead after the first run, the 30-year-old had a residue on the Slovenin Andreja Slokar at the end of 0.48 seconds. Third was Petra Vlhova from Slovakia (+0.81), which had previously founded as a winner in the discipline World Cup. "Second place is a great end of my best season," said Dürr in ZDF, "I've been relatively relaxed, even the last races already. But it is still someone who is faster." As early as the week's time, Dürr was located in the Swedish ARE after the first pass in front, but in the end only occupied five place. The second rank of Meribel was the best placement after her so far only World Cup success 2013 in Moscow. Scores and Results

How to get Forgorker in Roblox Find The Markers

While finding markers it may seem that this is another experience in the style of garbage hunting, in fact it offers a rather complicated card with more than a few complex secrets to find. With its latest Candiland Updating Find The Markers added 25 new markers to detect players, including the one that we consider in this brief guide, forgetful. in search of fort Although Forgorker may be the simplest marker that can be obtained in all Find the Markers, this simplicity led to the fact that many players think too much about how to find it! Unlike most markers in this experience, Forgorker has not been hidden on the map and does not have a tangible presence. Instead, players who want to collect this marker will need to open the chat window, enter the emoji skull (????) and click Log in . After that, you must get a pop-up window below! Looking More Content Find The Markers? Check out the recent guides on how to get a wood juice marker in Roblox, find markers or how to get a mus

Starfield: Massly new information about the "Skyrim in space"

Game Director Todd Howard has composed for another edition of Into the Starfield with developers of the project and many more details about the new Sci-Fi game of the Elder Scrolls makers reveals. It is the second episode of the series, in which this time everything around the freedoms of the players in Starfield turns. Thus, Bethesda describes the world of Starfield Character creation returns to Starfield These fractions are available in Starfield Bethesda introduces the first companion robot Thus, Bethesda describes the world of Starfield _ "You do not just play a game, but really live in this world, in this universe." _ Says Lead Artist isvan Pely for immersion of the title. Design Director Emil Pagliarulo and Lead Quest Designer wants to call Shen Starfield as a "a gigantic open world where players can do what they want. [...] It feels as if you had really influenced this world - you feel You really would be there. "_ Character creation returns to S

"Monhan Rise: Sambraek" New Battle Monster "Galangorm" "Bichtenzo subspecies" announced! "Ryzex" is also revived

Capcom has been delivered on March 15 "Monster Hunter Change: Sunbreak Special Program 2022.3.15", new extended content " Monster Hunter Chanterization : Sunbraek" for Nintendoswitch / PC (Steam). Announced a monster. First of all, it was the "Galangorm" of the beast species. Although he is usually a warm and popular, attacking out of a huge body is intense itself. When you get angry, you are a dangerous partner that ran out with lava and left arms on his right arm. The second body is the ice dragon "Lunagaron". At the time of battle, Ice on the whole body and change to two legs in a true figure. It is said that the two feet manipulate his front leg skillfully, and it is said that it is a fearful nail attack that is said to be not cut off. In addition, "Bichtengo subspecies" will be newly participated. This subspecies should be attention because they will attack and attack explosive pine spots. And as a monster that revives from

XL Games launches the pre-registration of its MMORPG "Blockchain" Archeworld

Valuing its gains in play Last month, the South Korean developer XL Games ( ARCHEAGE ) and his parent company Kakao Games announced the project Archeworld , presented as the first MMORPG D 'wingspan based on the blockchain and based on a real economy operating NFT - concretely, the in-game territories, the houses, the animals of companies, vehicles or ships but also the equipment of its character in the MMORPG have All vocation to be associated with NFTs (unique digital property certificates) giving them a real value in crypto-currency. In other words, according to the developer, Archeworld's players will be able to value their in-game gate and market them in crypto-currencies. Valuing its gains in play investment launch The studio now brings clarification: playing in the world of Archeworld, the players will be able to accumulate the archeum, a special resource that can be used to advance his character or in the context of the 'Crafts, but can also be purcha

Bayern game moved again in Istanbul

That shared the Bayern and the Eurleague on Sunday. The game had to be relocated a month ago for several positive corona tests in the dealers. Now this Tuesday in Turkey can not be played again. At the Bayern is currently the team training, as the Bundesligaist announced. The league match in Ulm planned on Sunday also had to be canceled before. It is the second Corona outbreak at the five-time champion from Munich within a few weeks.

Gran Turismo 7: All Menu Sciuses & Tasks

In our Guide to the menu shortcuts in Gran Turismo 7 you will learn: What are my meals and how many are there? All menu voyages & tasks in GT7 How many men's behaviors expect you What tasks you have to conclude So that you can easily master the tasks of the menu vows , we attach our tips guide to Gran Turismo 7 to the heart. Buy Now Credit Card for PlayStation Network! What are my meals and how many are there? The menu voyages in the cafe are quasi the campaign in Gran Turismo 7 . Each menu is a task ready for you. Underneath, championships that you have to land at least in the top 3, or just collect tasks that you need to acquire three specific cars. Overall, there are 39 Menujahr , which you can complete. As rewards mostly expect new routes as well as roulette tickets. All menu voyages & tasks in GT7 In the following we tell you which tasks the 39 menu voys in Gran Turismo ready for you. Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 characters Gran Turism

Why the Tus Dassendorf does not want to go to the Regionalliga

Ten points lead in second place in the master round of the Oberliga Hamburg \ - the gateway to the Regionalliga would be very wide open for the Tus Dassendorf. But despite the fact that in the north only the master of the Oberliga Lower Saxony receives a direct ticket for league four, Hamburg's first again in a separate rise round with the masters from Schleswig-Holstein and Bremen and the second from Lower Saxony, the truths are Not always in the place in the amateur football. So also at the Tus Dassendorf: with Martin Harnik, Maximilian Ahlschwede, Zhi-Gin Lam or Lennard Sow hole stand on the square, which is certainly in some third-league team on their operating times. The drummer is not suitable for regional league football. Ligamanager Alexander Knull says Alexander Knullmand: "We would not get a license. This is mainly due to the infrastructure. Fences, doping rooms, separate fan areas... - Our complex belongs to the community and is also used by school. To use such

Gaming: Chip scarcity lasts years, says manufacturer

About the world's persistent chip scarcity, Dr. Y.J. Mii as a Senior Vice President of Research and Development from the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) with the Spectrum page. According to Mii, the scarcity in semiconductors will continue. He told the exact opposite of what other voices from the industry have said to the situation. For some others believe that there will be an improvement this year because the infection rates continue to decline by Covid-19. For example, Intel CEO Pat said Gelsinger that he expects a boom for 2023. TSMC believes that supply and demand are the reason why the scarcity will not be ended so quickly. Demand was skyrocketed in recent years and the industry was taken up a little bit. In order to get the problem under control, new factories should be built, among other things. But the measures made today will only bear fruit in years. "At the moment, the industry is generally investing a lot of capital in building additional

Analysis of Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy is an intelligent SRPG that updates the formula of its predecessors and looks at the future of the genre. One of Square Enix's most successful bets in recent years has been HD-2D, the denomination given by the company to the particular visual style that combines three-dimensional environments with pixel art. After putting all the looks at Octopath Traveler, the company is betting on recovering some of its classics with this aesthetics, such as Dragon Quest III, Live-A-Live and even some scenes from the Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy VI. Both in their applications for new IP and in these classics, it serves a very specific purpose: evoke sensations from the past through a technology that updates the titles and at the same time opens a new potential to discover. Triangle Strategy, the last title to embrace HD-2D, not only presents this approach on the visual plane: it also knows how to look at past, present and future when it comes to designing its mechanics. __

Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West in the big ranking: the maps are really that big

February 2022 was packed with great games releases. Two of the highlights directly at the beginning of the year were Horizon: Forbidden West and Elden Ring. Both games are characterized by a beautiful and large Open World at the same time. Elden Ring and Forbidden West rather below average Map size is not everything But how big are the maps in comparison to other games? This has asked the team of DG VFX and some video game worlds have taken as a comparison to classify Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West for us. Elden Ring and Forbidden West rather below average Which games land in comparison? Under the titles whose games worlds are compared, there are well-known classics such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or also The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. At the top is undisputed minecraft. Where elden ring and forbidden West? Overall, five games arrive from Elden Ring and Horizon: Forbidden West. The two game worlds are similarly large and differ only by a few square kilome

Even without a first success experience: Pepi "may continue exactly"

Self-confident and carefree the US Boy presented itself in his first training day in early January in Augsburg. If the papers Pepi did not report 18-year-old as at this time, it would hardly have believed it. He looked much more mature. On the lawn of the Bundesliga he has not yet been able to transport this carefree. He is still at the beginning of his career on the European football platform with now 19 years. Still the Augsburg game is alien to Pepi A record is gone - Danso remains recent FCA scorer in Bielefeld probably back on the bank Augsburg's dependency by Gregoritsch Still the Augsburg game is alien to Pepi In three games he stood in the starting, three other missions he collected as a joker. Once he had to pause for a late return from the US national team. Still, the Augsburg game is a bit alien, in individual scenes Pepi showed good approaches, a goal or template did not jump out yet. "He's another A youth player, you can not forget that," emphasized hi

Wow-Guide: Attentive Guardians in the RAID Mausoleum of First (LFR, Normal, Heroic)

Even before the start of the mausoleum of the first in Wow patch 9.2 you get it to do with a real chunk at Raidboss. For the attentive guards are entrenched in the huge gate of the mausoleum and sends out of dear Mobs, who make life difficult for you. Below we show you a brief summary of the most important skills and link you a matching video guide. If you want to look at the boss guide with all your skills in detail, then reads on. Attentive Guardian: Short Guide Attentive Guardian - Video Short Guide Good and evil automa "Fine, i'll do it myself" Hurry up now! More about the mausoleum of the first: We also have Guides to the other Raidbossen ! Attentive Guardian: Short Guide As quickly as possible, the automa adds will do to activate the three shield automa that protect you from the boss. Provides you to the shield automa to survive outdated core . Get the bombs of the shield automa when they die and ship them on the boss. From Phase 2, you run with Matter