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Gran Turismo 7: new cars, plotted. What the latest free update brings

Today was deployed the 1.13 update on Gran Turismo 7. On the program, new cars, a new route but also many adjustments made for the comfort of the game. We sum up all this in this article. Gran Turismo 7: What cars arrive with 1.13? Gran Turismo 7: All the patch notes in 1.13 880 views Buy Gran Turismo 7 on PS4/PS5 at Amazon Gran Turismo 7: What cars arrive with 1.13? Has it arrived earlier than expected? Barely teased yesterday by the director of Polyphony Digital, update 1.13 arrived today on Gran Turismo 7. And for the first time since the release of the game last March 04, it is a content update which is deployed. On the program therefore, the Patch 1.13 arrives with three new racing cars: La Subaru Brz GT300 (Win of the Super GT in 2021), the Subaru Brz S of 2021 and the Suzuki Cappuccino of 1991 . At their side is added a whole new route: that of the 24h of Spa-Francorchamps, some of which are available below . On the official game website, Polyphony Digital even provided

Wow, exit date of dragonflight

Discover here all the information about the release date of DragonFlight , the new extension of WORLD OF WARCRAFT . Formally presented during an exceptional Blizzard conference, the extension will be the ninth wow extension. A Dragonflight release date Beginning of the beta phase for Dranglight A Dragonflight release date For the moment, no official release date has been announced. All we know is that the Alpha phase will start " Bientation ", which implies that the process of expansion development is still in progress. Thus, an exit start 2023 would not be surprising and seems to match with the Shadowlands seasons system (one season 4 is scheduled to go out at the end of the year). Beginning of the beta phase for Dranglight As always, a fairly long test phase should be deployed by Blizzard. To start, after the Alpha (very limited, often to Blizzard staff and some guests) a beta phase limited to competitive players will be put in place within a few months. Then, the bet

The Callisto Protocol: Dead Space's creator will soon disclose more about his new Survival Horror

If Electronic Arts and Motive Studios are blocking the remake of Dead Space, the creature of the series , decided to give a layer with its new Survival Horror. Indeed, Glen Schofield - now boss of Strking distance, a studio founded under the auspices of Pubg Corporation - has recently split from a tweet to make it clear that the development of The Callisto Protocol followed its course and things started to take shape. " Voilà when I prefer when I create a game: the design that is set in place , can we read. Ido to see the team Working hard in the studio of motion-capture to give life to Our characters. I want to thank all those who wait while we finish and think the game. We will soon have information to you share. " For the record, the game was announced during the Game Awards 2020. Since then, it is rather discreet, but it is not impossible for it to take advantage of Geoff Keighley's next Summer Game Fest 2022 to appear in a real video Gameplay. In any case, Gle

Treyarch reveals Black Ops: Cold War multiplayer

Treyarch officially showed the multiplayer of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, including new FireTeam's new improvement. Multiplayer cards will be open war areas similar to old Battlefield cards, and they will be based on real places such as the North Atlantic, Angola, Uzbekistan, Russia and Miami. Fireteam's cooperative mode allows up to four teams to tackle several unique missions similar to the previous Fireteam modes. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC later this year. When Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War will release later this year, it will offer a crossed game between platforms, including the new generation consoles for which it will come out. All game modes will be apparently playable on all platforms, so if you have friends on a platform different from the one you play, you will not feel excluded. The recent multiplayer revelation of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has also confirmed that Call of D

Lol does everything to dilemma us

For 11 years there are world champions in Organization of Legends as well as just two times there were also teams from America in the top 4. The developers of Trouble Games, who even being in America, have actually been attempting to enhance the competitive scene there for years. Most recently, the Champions queue was put. That's simply only taunting as well as hohn. specialists use them also rare, grumble concerning voice conversation "I wonder which excuses there is this time for na" What concerning the American LOL scene ? The American teams are ending up being much more worldwide grinned. A German instructor as soon as stated that gamers who change to America give up the win. Only in the very first period 2011 and also in 2018, American teams made it to penetrate into the semi-finals of the Lol Worlds, where no group was allowed to play a last. In Europe, it concerned a title and twice to 2nd place. Striking is that the groups like to invest a great deal of ca

Spacecraft Repair CO-OP Action "Fueled UP" announced. Hachame Chates Hair Hair Right Cooperate with Up to 4

Developer's Fireline Games announced on April 13, a cooperative action " fueled up ". The compatible platform is PC (STeam) / PS4 / Xbox One, and the release time is 2022. According to the Steam store page, this work seems to correspond to the Japanese language display. "Fueled Up" is an action game that works with up to four players and repairs spacecraft. The players must have a sudden repair, while pouring fuel on a damaged spacecraft before the evil space octopus stretches his tentacles. After having a spacecraft, the player needs to take back to a safe place. In space, there are various unexpected threats, and there is a hazard such as worm halls, asteroids and space squid. The player pours into the engine and closes the holes of the hole and extinguishing the fire. You must proceed with repairs well so that spacecraft does not explode. In the ship, various gimmicks are waiting, belt conveyors, moving scaffolds, and floors that will disappear when you

6 ideas on just how to make your PS4 quicker

We have sorted the tips for you after the difficulty degree. He the easily feasible, after that the somewhat much more challenging tips. PS4: Erase savegames, screenshots and video clips Checks if you have enough vacuum Activate Increase Setting on the PS4 Pro Mount the current system software application of the PS4 PS4 renew system database PS4 thoroughly clean Mount an SSD in the PS4 You still play on the PlayStation 4 and also do you wish to know how to make the PS4 much faster? Meinmmo presents you a handful of tips. You still play on your PS4, but you really feel that the console is not so quick as well as liquid as at the beginning? Meinmmo presents you a collection of ideas. Checks if you have enough vacuum Requires: No unique points essential | Time capacity: 10 minutes | Costs: None | Difficulty: light With the size of modern video games and also stored video clip recordings, the offered storage space can be used up promptly. Examine frequently how numerous game

Shengue 4: And if the game was in development? The rumor that puts the fans boiling

Even if our admiration for Ryo Hazuki will be eternal, we must admit that Shengue III broke us the heart. Graphically dated, repetitive, empty and clearly missing rhythm, the game balased unforgettable moments passed with the series on Dreamcast. The creator of the franchise, Yû Suzuki, has never hidden his desire to continue the adventure, but it looked more like a distant intention than to a cedible project. Finally, until the intervention of an employee of 110 industries on Instagram. The name of this publisher may not tell you anything, but he had made him talk about the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Why? Simply because as part of a forty minute video comving the games of the house, Suzuki-san had been entitled to honors without any apparent reason. Indeed, at the time - and it is always the case today - no collaboration between the studio YS Net and 110 industries had been announced. On Instagram, the publisher recently posted a visual dedicated to Wanted: Dead, an action game devel

Codes of combat warriors (April 2022) - Update 0.3.2!

In Roblox Combat Warriors you will plunge into the battle "Everyone against all" to find out who is the best fighter in the game! You can purchase yourself a variety of weapons, increasing the level of your character in battle. Use the playing system of movement and parry to improve your battle skills, and practice various strategies to fight with enemies! latest combat warriors codes Overdue codes How to activate codes in Combat Warriors? Where to take more codes for Combat Warriors? All combat warriors codes Frequently asked questions about combat warriors If you are looking for free, you can find it with our combat warriors list. If you do not know how to activate codes in combat warriors, you can find out how below the list of codes! Do not forget to add this page to your favorites by pressing Ctrl + D on the keyboard or by clicking the "Add to Bookmark" button on your mobile device. If you want more free things, be sure to check out our ONE PIECE games co

Perfect Star Wars Cosplay: Is it even better than this Darth Maul?

We always like to show you impressive cosplay that awakens fantastic characters to life. Be it now beautiful anime characters or fantastic warriors in armor from Elden Ring . But today we want to introduce you to an artist who has blew us with his deceptively real-looking cosplay. Because we are still not sure whether the Cosplayer Darthcaul is not in the end just Darth Maul! More about Darth Maul Experience you, for example, exciting books, but also cool comics Fantastic Star Wars Cosplay to Darth Maul To dress up as Darth Maul does not necessarily require a lot of costume work, finally the Sith occurs only in black outfit or even at the top. But the painting for the iconic black-red look has extended Darth Caul hours. The result shows that it's worth the effort! But not only the horns, yellow teeth and blazing contact lenses are to be highlighted. Darth Caul also simply has the trained body and the face to meet the terrible Sith warrior: Recommended editorial ingredient T

How to Plan in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

You will need Plan in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga To get to some collectibles such as Kyber Bricks and Minikits. However, the planning ability is not available for all kinds of characters, so in this guide we will explain everything you need to know to surf the heavens. unlocking of the glider with scavenger skills Using the glider in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga all the characters that the glider can use unlocking of the glider with scavenger skills To plan, you must first unlock scavenger skills in episode VII, awakening strength. It progresses in this episode until you reach the mission "scrap by scrap", where you will control King and BB-8. Here, you must collect 20 scrap pieces scattered by the remains of Star Destroyer. While the collects, King will stop to build each of Scavenger's skills in small work banks. The second you will build is the glider. Gather the 20 pieces of scrap and then take them to Unkar Plutt to complete this mission and tutori

Mathenia: The fans are allowed to dream, but.

The role of the first pursuer behind the peak quartet would have kept the FCN with a victory. But: The distance to the fourth-placed scarfs would be melted with three points in the luggage on a counter. Instead, the club underlined 1: 3 in Heidenheim, which is "particularly bitter, if you have done more," Captain Christian Mathenia ordered the disappointing appearance at "Sky". Then the return of the active fans scene that has pushed the club "pushed across the complete season", nothing. From the rise, the keeper wanted to know nothing after the game: "The fans are allowed to dream, but we are very factual in the cabin." Instead, the 30-year-old finale raised the "steady development" - even if the club has not managed to "go the next step". In the current season, only FC St. Pauli was able to retract a threesome in the difficult guest performance at the FCH. The kink in the club game: the "stupulous 0: 2" But t

A fighting video game by Elden Ring? It is feasible with a TEKKEN 7 mod, although its supervisor is stressed

The modder Ultraboy has actually changed the appearance of some of the Tekken 7 wrestlers by Miyazaki title characters as Malenia, Radahn or the fearsome huge lobsters. The mod is so well done that it has actually not been required to end up being viral, captured the interest of the director as well as producer of the franchise of fighting games, Katsuhiro Harada . Elden Ring is not just fantastic by the outstanding job of Hidetaka Miyazaki , it is likewise thanks to a neighborhood delivered that has not stopped taking part in the game universe fromSoftware . We have seen it with the job of some fans, such as that of STE Pickford , the expert video clip game designer that has actually been sharing the precious diary of him with his social networks, yet likewise with amazing mods like the one we see today. Harada has actually identified the Ability of the Modder, although it has actually been stressed regarding possible confusions in followers, in the instance of titles mo