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Gran Turismo 7: new cars, plotted. What the latest free update brings

Today was deployed the 1.13 update on Gran Turismo 7. On the program, new cars, a new route but also many adjustments made for the comfort of the game. We sum up all this in this article.


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Gran Turismo 7: What cars arrive with 1.13?

Has it arrived earlier than expected? Barely teased yesterday by the director of Polyphony Digital, update 1.13 arrived today on Gran Turismo 7. And for the first time since the release of the game last March 04, it is a content update which is deployed. On the program therefore, the Patch 1.13 arrives with three new racing cars: La Subaru Brz GT300 (Win of the Super GT in 2021), the Subaru Brz S of 2021 and the Suzuki Cappuccino of 1991 .

At their side is added a whole new route: that of the 24h of Spa-Francorchamps, some of which are available below . On the official game website, Polyphony Digital even provided some details about the route. 7004 meters of bitumen with an elevation of 104 meters, 21 turns with the longest right measuring 751.4 meters.

Note: two traces join the scapes mode of Gran Turismo 7, a kind of photo mode: "The gassho houses of Ainokura" and "les cherry in fluers at night".

Gran Turismo 7: All the patch notes in 1.13

Obviously, the new added content constitutes the major implementation of this update 1.13. Nevertheless, many improvements and adjustments have been made to Gran Turismo 7 as evidenced by the many patch notes shared by the developers on the official website of the game. On this subject, there is above all changes to improve the comfort of play: The details of each race (temperature, the tire wear rate, the rate of fuel consumption...) are displayed on the event screen, while different options to adjust the volume have been added.

Hoping that these adjustments and that this free update can appease the anger of the players: during last month, the players were dissatisfied as a result of a maintenance of more than 24 hours on Gran Turismo 7. In addition to the impossibility of 'Access the game, this maintenance had also been criticized for making more tedious the obtaining of credits at stake.

Patch notes 1.13

Main features added

  • Cars

    • The following three cars were added:
    • SUBARU BRZ GT300 '21 (on sale in Brand Central);
    • SUBARU BRZ S '21 (on sale in Brand Central);
    • Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) '91 (on sale from April 26 at the second -hand car dealer).
  • Circuits

    • The 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps traced has been added.
  • World Circuits

    • The following three events were added to Spa-Francorchamps:
    • SUNDAY CUP European 500
    • Japanese Cupman Cup 550
    • International Cars Touring 800
  • Scapes

    • "Gassho style houses in Ainokura" and "Cherry Flowers at night" were added to the special scape section. A slideshow option has been added to automatic demonstration.

Other improvements and adjustments

  • Title screen

    • Info on the subject is now displayed in the center of the screen.
  • Used car dealer

    • An indicator is now displayed on the new cars of the day you can buy;
    • The Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R) '91 will be on sale from April 26. It will be an essential model.
  • Legendary car dealer

    • An indicator of new stock is now displayed on the new cars of the day you can buy.
  • Garage

    • "Large body" is now displayed on all the cars in your garage to which you have awarded a large body;
    • The sound of an engine at start -up now sounds when you change your car.
  • Running screen

    • For limited time races, the remaining time display was moved to the center of the screen and the visual has been changed.
  • Rival cars (AI)

    • The trajectory of rival cars at the Nürburgring has been adjusted.
  • Sport

    • It is now possible to participate in certain events by renting cars specific to an event or using garage cars;
    • Videos are now broadcast before the finals of the "Cup nations" and "Cup manufacturers".
    • The following information is now indicated on the event screen displayed before each race:
    • Pneumatic wear
    • Fuel consumption
    • Temperature
    • Type of departure
    • Tires required (only displayed if the option is activated)
    • Mandatory stands stop (only displayed if the option is activated)
    • You will now see a video on fair play the first time you have access to "Sport" mode. This video presents important recommendations on participation in races;
    • We added a "race details" screen. You can consult the following information by selecting the "Race Details" icon on the right of the race registration screen.
    • General informations
    • Qualification parameters
    • Race parameters
    • Penalties
    • Restrictions on driving options
    • Rules
  • Delivery publisher

    • The "default sticker color" option has been added to the publisher's settings. You can select the most recent white or color used (this choice activates the last color used).

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.13 Is This Really A New Layout? Plus New GR.3 Car & Great Changes

  • Replay

    • We added an option to filter by genre or by artist by selecting a song for replay music;
    • For new reruns, you can now use the fast advance in order to access the next round.
  • Car settings

    • We have solved a problem causing the disappearance of a parameter sheet;
    • We have solved a problem related to performance points (PP) occurring due to power restrictor adjustment;
    • We have solved a problem that prevented the correct addition of performance points (PP) during the execution of certain parameters or operations (calculation of performance points (PP) may not be carried out correctly under certain conditions, such as adding tires with high adhesion to certain cars).
  • Car behavior

    • We have adjusted the geometric calculation algorithm for the suspension. This has improved traction on propulsion cars and reducing weight transfer reactions;
    • We have adjusted the relationship between actions on the control device (analog joystick, R2 touch, accelerator on a flying controller) and the position of the gase butterfly.
    • We have adjusted the direction of the analog joystick;
    • We adjusted the return of the following steering wheel:
    • Fanatec® Podium
    • Fanatec® GT DD Pro
    • Fanatec® GT DD Pro + Boostkit
      • We adjusted the pressure control of the four brakes when entering a turn. The braking distance is therefore generally reduced;
  • Settings (controller settings)

    • The intensity of the trigger effect can now be adjusted from the quick menu which is displayed during a race or from _parammeters> Control parameters in the break menu. "Journous trigger effect (accelerator)" and "trigger effect J1 (brakes)" can now be set to "deactivated", "weak" or "strong"; _
    • We modified the upper limit of the control of the controller speed to go from 7 to 10 in _parammeters> Control parameters> Sensitivity direction (controller) in the quick menu in the race and the break menu.__
  • Settings (sound volume)

    • The following eight sound options can now be adjusted from parameters> sounds in the fast race menu and the break menu:
    • Sound of races (music and sound effects - balanced / amplified sound effects / mode focused on racing music)
    • Read music in the race (activated/ deactivated)
    • Music in race (volume)
    • Sound effects in racing (volume)
 * Player engine noise (volume)
 * Transmission noises (volume)
 * Tire screech (volume)
 * Rivals engine noise (volume)

    • We solved a problem that made it possible to change oil on a car that didn't need it.
  • Cars

    • We have set various problems on the following four cars:
    • Honda Fit Hybrid '14: The color of the bodywork was not applied on certain parts of the bottom of the car;
    • Jeep Willys MB '45: The inner paint was not applied after its selection;
    • Honda Civic Type Rimed Edition (FK8) '20: The graphics of the sticker deformed when the sticker was added from custom> before> A in the delivered publisher;
    • Ferrari 458 Italia '09: The number sticker seemed distorted when it was added to a car equipped with a wide body.

*. Others * Various problems have been corrected.

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