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The latest work Bomberman series Super Bonbaman R 2 is released. To release in 2023

Konami Digital Entertainment announced Super Bonberman R 2 on June 28. The compatible platform is PC (Steam)/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/Nintendo Switch, which will be released in 2023. Super Bomberman R 2 is the latest work of Bomberman series. This is the sequel to Super Bonberman R, which was also a launch title of Nintendo Switch. In this work, a new mode Castle will be added in addition to the standard match and the battle royal mode by up to 64 players. The mode is divided into both sides, the challenge side and the defense side. In addition, the story mode for one play is also powered up with new elements. You can enjoy searching, strengthening bases, defense/capture, boss battle, etc. It will be a work of the largest volume in the series history. Super Bomberman R 2 will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam)/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/Nintendo Switch.

In the MMORPG Black Desert, the weight of the chests for imperial trade was reduced and the content of the ocean was improved

Today, the popular MMORPG Black Desert has received a fresh update that brought various changes to the game. Among important adjustments, it is worth noting an improvement in locations for hunting in the ocean and softening conditions for the upgrade of ships. Also, an important change was the reduction in the weight of the chest chests and an alchemist for imperial delivery (up to 10 LT) and the expansion of the list of objects that can be restored from the basket. In addition, the start of new events was announced, the addition of a new alchemical formula for creating purified luminous stones and new small stories. Those who wish can familiarize themselves with all the changes and improvements in the official message of the developers.

The anime My new maid is very suspicious! Show July 23. We look at the first trailer

Silver Link (Bofuri) and Blade released the debut trailer for the anime My new maid is very suspicious! (Saikin Yatotta Maid Ga Ayashii) and clarified the date of the premiere. The author of the story about the young nobleman Yuri and his new maid Lilith, who clearly hides something, became Mangaka Condu Wakama, known for Great Jahi! So the same team is engaged in the adaptations of both works: the director and screenwriter Minato Mirai and composers Fujimoto Kodzhi and Sasaki Osamu. Unless the design of the characters, quite successful and corresponding to the original, judging by the rollers, became the first work of Yoshino Machi. Broadcast My new maid is very suspicious! will begin on July 23.

Spa gamer 'Life is Sleeping', prohibited from playing in the domestic economy with Spirit Zero

Team Spirit Zero, who was in charge of organizing and operating domestic fighting game events, announced on the official Twitter of 'Life is Sleeping' Lee Sun-woo's 'All Event of Team Speed Zero'. On the 16th, Team Spirit Zero said on the official Twitter, Capcom announced the ban on Lee Sun-woo's participation in all events related to Capcom license, including Capcom Pro Tour, for reasons of 'many violations of the Code of Code. Zero respects Capcom's license and community policy. The player was banned from Capcom on the 4th of the last day for violations of the Code of Athletics. On May 20, he was banned from participating in the competition for the violation of the Code of Conduct in the Comboster 2022 and EVO 2022. However, according to the Team Spirit Zero announcement, the player's ban seems to include other reasons in addition to the prohibition of capcom permanent. Team Spirit Zero said, Lee Sun-woo is making more unnecessary controversy

All game characters in Resident Evil Village Mercenaries

Resident Evil Village will receive a sip of fresh air on October 28, 2022. As part of the DLC Gold Edition The Merceenaries will receive a lot of new content. Several new characters join the frantic regime. So who enjoys? Ethan Winters Chris Redfield Karl Geisenberg Alchi Dimitress What characters are there in The Mercenaries: Additional Orders? What characters are there in The Mercenaries: Additional Orders? Ethan Winters Ethan is an original game character from The Merceenaries, which was launched with Village. He is your standard character without anything superfluous or unusual. Chris Redfield Chris Redfield perfectly uses his tactical equipment. He can even cause an orbital blow when the situation becomes too complicated! Karl Geisenberg Geisenberg hatches his large metal hammer for enemies and uses his magnetic forces with great success. Alchi Dimitress Alsina Dimitrescu will undoubtedly become a favorite of fans, she looks in all her excellent growth. Passing through

The Athia project ultimately has a real title: Forspoken

Project Athia is a brand-new IP Square Enix address, yet we also understand very little. Till a couple of hours earlier, we did not even know the video gamenom.Project Athia was a provisionary title, which means that it was subject as well as constantly temporary to alter. We called it Project Athia for so long that we neglected that the last title would possibly have actually been simply Athia-the name of the globe of the video game. At the Square Enix presents in March, we finally had one more summary of the video game, As well as a title: greet to Forspoken. The trailer does not show us much, yet offers us some photos of the lead character Frey at work, utilizing a selection of magic skills versus his opponents. Director Takeshi Aramaki revealed a bit extra on the PlayStation blog site: _ Comom you will see in the brand-new video game clip, Frey has the ability to browse the globe with unbelievable speed as well as fluidity. I can't await the players to uncover how sufficie

The mysterious Japanese song is also released, Postal official spin -off POSTAL: BRAIN DAMAGED is now available!

Running with Scissors has started distribution of Postal: Brain Damaged developed by Poland's indieveropper Hyperstrange. This work, the official spin-off of the legendary violence game postal , is a dream experience that is occurring in the damaged brain of the protagonist Postal Dude, a fantasy and colorful world masterpiece FPS and modern world. It is said that tribute to the hit work is packed. Game play is a challenging and fast-paced old-fashioned FPS that is different from the open-end sandbox style, with a variety of weapons and 50 types of enemies. Inflained works include DOOM ETERNAL, Quake, Alice Innightmare, Kiss: PSYCHO CIRCUS: The Nightmare Child. In addition, it seems that the character of the Postal series is revived in a new form that is distorted. Hyperstrange's official YouTube channel also has a Japanese song with lyrics. Postal: Brain Damaged is being distributed to Windows at a regular price of 2,050 yen. 15 % off will be applied until June 17.

Diablo Immortal: Devil hunters in

This is what the publisher Blizzard Entertainment discusses Diablo Immortal : To house web page. Significant campaign, comprehensive open world- diablo Immortalis the biggest Diablo video game that Snowstorm has launched on the market until now, and also it provides gamers a considerable activity that they can travel with alone or with various other players in an epic project, along with a significant, common world with a selection of social auto mechanics. Which is just the start. Sanktuario is waiting- gamers in the majority of areas of the world can now begin their search to gather the fragments of the globe stone, loss monster, secure Sanktuario as well as make the coveted title of immortal. Adventurers in the outstanding Asian-Pacific areas will certainly sign up with the fight on June 22, 2022. The initial free playable Diablo- Regardless of whether the gamers utilize optional acquisitions in the game or otherwise, everyone can experience the full background as well as

The 5 ugliest items from Destiny 2, which I would rather never have had

Bungies Space shooter has numerous armor and items designed to the smallest detail. Bungie's love of information understands little restrictions. 1. The Ugly Person 3. 4. The unusual insect hotel 5. A bunch of room scrap 2. The creepy owl 1. The Ugly Person Some armor and also accessories are devoted to seasonal topics and have information such as logos, icons or patterns that make them unmistakable. Others come from events such as the solstice, and also not only have fun with various materials and subjects, but also supply lights results. As well as there are additionally distinct special items, such as a flying stone. Each player develops his really individual appearance at some factor. This is comprised of a wide array of things that you have actually accumulated over the years as well as combined as well as shaded as wanted. In the end, this leads to a mixture of personal taste as well as eminence. ** Destiny 2 is terrific when it comes to excellent layout as well as

PS5 bundle: Electrical power tariff uses console + Horizon Forbidden West + year PS And also Plus

Strom provider E How simple has its PS5 package lowered in rate. In the eco-friendly electrical power toll, you still get the disc edition of the PS5, Horizon Forbidden West and year of PS And also membership-but now the plan only costs 249 euros instead of 299 euros. PS5 Disc-Edition + Horizon Forbidden West secure in the power toll PS5 bundle at E Exactly how simple: available in the green power tariff The PlayStation 5 sadly remains to end up being rare-the console is expected to be incredibly hard to get hold of in the next few weeks to months. With the electric tariff of E exactly how very easy you can currently buy the PS5 in a considerable bundle - and additionally gets twelve month PS Plus as well as the forthcoming adventure Horizon Forbidden West. The console is generally supplied 2 week after the contract confirmation and also costs payment-here you will discover all the information about the deal. Visit this site for the PS5 package toll! PS5 Disc-Edition + Horizon F

League of Legends: Durability

A good 15 champions clearly take advantage of the LOL patch, for others the update is instead a deep impact. With the LOL-Patch 12.10, Riot delivers various technologies to its hit title. Different champions profit from this, which might now survive longer battles. With the brand-new upgrade, the developer handles a huge design of adapting equivalent possibilities. Over all, nonetheless, Riot wishes to make battles take a little bit much longer. In order to attain this, champs receive even more life points as well as endure even more damage. The healing, consisting of in regards to life swipe, has lowered the team. after the LOL spot: win 15 champs Databases such as those of the U.GG site are described by the Winrates of the Organization of Legends champions. The Reddit user Zoilken has gotten to the current data and also contrasted it to those of the latest patch. We reveal which champs appear to have actually improved the upgrade. In brackets you can additionally see the partic