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All Halloween sweets and pumpkin lanterns in the Woodwind camp in phasmophobia

The Halloween event for homophobia includes tests for seven cards. Performing each test will give players a trophy in their lobby, and players can perform these tasks together. Camp Woodwind is the smallest card in the game, so it will be easy to note it to players who want to complete the task. Here's how to find all Halloween sweets and every lamp from pumpkin in the game.

Где найти все хэллоуинские конфеты в лагере Вудвинд в фазмофобии

Each collected collection of sweets rewards the players five sanity . Players learn that they collected all the sweets on the map after hear the sound indicating that they are. To complete the task, players We must play the nightmare difficulty. It would be reasonable to remember all the shelters in the Woodwind camp, because at the level of the complexity of the nightmare the players most of all exhausted his mind. This is where you can find all the sweets in the Woodwind camp:

As soon as the players enter the camp, they can choose sweets on Wooden bench K left .

There are four pumpkin full sweets which are near fire .

In the direction of K correctly camping, resting on table by means of tourist equipment some sweets .

In center some kind of sweets at a large tree.

generator immediately after bathrooms has some sweets on top.

Inside bathroom inside the last soul some sweets on the floor.

Maple Two small purple tents will be a little sweets lying next to them.

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Closer to the back of the camping is wooden table with some sweets upstairs.

Inside yellow tent on left side of the camping side some sweets sitting on a sleeping bag.

Outside Blue tent on the left side of the camping there is sweets on the floor.

Inside Blue tent some sweets lying on the floor on the left.

Inside White tent sweets from above Later . This is to the left of the camping.

On the left side white tent some sweets lying on the floor at the coolers. If the coolers do not appear, players can still determine this place, since it is immediately behind wooden benches.

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Где найти все фонари тыквы в лагере Вудвинд в фазмофобии

Players have to light up all jack-o-Fonari located on the map with their lighters to complete the task. When all pumpkins are collected and lit, sound effect will play to indicate that they were all found. As soon as the players do this, they just need to photograph the ghost in order to go through the level. This is easy to do with the help of damned possessions in the Woodwind camp. This is the location of Jack's lanterns:

Not yet passing through the gate, the first pumpkin can be found next to the truck at the yellow barriers.

Behind the gates, players can find pumpkin on the left sits on the floor u wooden bench .

K correctly camping, next to a canopy with tourist equipment are barrels . Pumpkin sits next to him on the floor.

Under canopy by means of sports equipment this pumpkin sitting on the floor.

Bonfire has pumpkin on one of the stumps closest to the canopy.

Directly, inside red tent this pumpkin resting on a sleeping bag.

For a small purple tent this Pumpkin found in a chair. He stands next to a wooden table.

Set Games can be found in The extreme left corner Cards with pumpkin found sitting next to him.

Inside Yellow tent this pumpkin on the left, sitting on table .

Inside white tent this pumpkin sitting on sleeping bag on the left.

The best ways to take a photo of a ghost in the Woodwind camp under homophobia

Players should get ghostly photo as soon as they collect all the sweets and light all pumpkins, but it can be difficult depending on the ghost. Here are some ways to call a ghostly event what will increase the chances of the appearance of a ghost or how to safely photograph the ghost during the hunt for ghosts:

Tarot cards *-pulling the Tarot cards can be dangerous, but stretching Devil guarantees that the ghostly event will take place. Call of the call -lighting candles of the circle will lead to the fact that the ghost will appear for a long time so that players can take a photo before they have to run. Musical box -turning on the musical box will make the ghost sing and go to the box to close it if it is close enough. The hunt will work after, but it can be used to get a photo before this happens. * MAY sticks -if you light a swing-swap in a room with a ghost, a ghost will not be able to hunt and will become more active in this area. This may mean more ghostly events. In addition, SMUDGE Sticks can simply be used to guarantee the safety of players during the hunt while someone takes pictures.

To obtain additional guidelines for homophobia, read the full table of evidence of homophobia for all guidelines for the game Ghosts on Pro.


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