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4League of Legends Patch 13.4 - Early Patch Notes & Updates After Cyber Attack


Here's whatever you require to understand about League Patch 13.4.

With the January cyberattack well in the rearview mirror, the League of Legends update cycle is finally back on track, and next up is League Patch 13.4. This time, Riot is looking to truly take a bite out of the developing Season 13 meta.

According to League dev manager Matt Photon Leung-Harrison, who unveiled his 13.4 strategies on Twitter on Feb. 13, the Riot team wished to get great deals of changes for champions into this patch to offset the rocky last couple of weeks. One focus there is snowballing-- several champions are enjoying a little excessive power if they win early, and Riot wishes to suppress that in February.

League Patch 13.4 release date

Now that the Riot balance group is back on schedule-- following accidentally breaking the entire patch system last week-- the developers eyes are turning to balance plans, consisting of ranged vs. melee supports in the bottom lane, securing ideal jungle courses, and recovery.

On top of the League gameplay changes, the style groups have been hard at work brewing up more Astronaut cosmetics and chromes.

The next upgrade of 2023 will present on Thursday, Feb. 23, according to Riots patch schedule. As per normal, the patch will present worldwide across the day, beginning in Australia at around 10am (ADT). Here's the essential patch rollout times for some major League servers:

Per Leung-Harrison, the League group wants to determine a healthier way to have both ranged and melee characters coexisting in the supporting role.

  • Health regrowth increased from 25 percent to 50.

There will be numerous hours of downtime once the patch begins. Matchmaking and competitive lines will be disabled across all League servers 3 hours before the update is officially released and set live.

  • MANA regent minimized from 115 to 100 percent.

  • MANA regeneration lowered from 75 percent to 50.

  • Homage recharge timer increased from 10 to 12 seconds.

Jar van IV.

Demonic Embrace.


League Patch 13.4 early patch notes.

  • MANA regrowth reduced from half to 25.
  • Tribute recharge timer increased from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.


Fragment of Real Ice.

  • Item tier changed to Mythic from Impressive.

  • TBA.

  • Passive rush per stack altered from 3.5 percent flat to 1/2/3/ 4 percent at levels one, 6, 11, and 16 respectively. Max rush changed from 21 percent flat to six, 12, 18, and 24 percent.

  • R life steal effectiveness decreased from 66.6 percent to 50.

Bandleglass Mirror.


  • TBA.




Harrowing Crescent.

  • New impact included to Q: Canceling this capability within 0.25 seconds of casting it will lock the ability for 1 seconds.

  • Health regrowth increased from 50 to 75 percent.

Relic Guard.


  • Health increased from 685 plus 99 to 665 plus 100.
  • E minimum damage capability power scaling lowered from one hundred percent to 70, max overall damage increased from 110-350 (plus one hundred percent ability power plus four percent of targets health) to 110-350 (plus 140 percent capability power plus 8 percent of targets total health).
  • R passive base damage decreased from 80-160 to 60-160, active base armor reduced from 25-65 to 15-65 (active base magic always withstand 60 percent of armor).

This time, in Patch 13.4, the Riot balance team is hitting almost 2 lots champions, ranging from Hagar, Hogarth, and Diego (all getting rubbed) to Riven, Samira, Tax, and Alum. There's a healthy split too, with 9 eleven and nerfs enthusiasts prepared for the February modification list.

  • Numerous repairs to missing out on buff icons.
  • New character preloaded: FireBuddyTeaserMinion..
  • Global Wall Push (used by player-created terrain) now has a tooltip: Knocked Aside: This unit is being knocked aside. WEEE!.
  • Experience for champion eliminates has been decreased at levels 3-8.


Grasp of the Undying.

Here are all the early patch notes for the upcoming Feb. 23 update. Remember, until Riot releases the official notes, any of these enthusiasts, nerfs, and changes are still tentative and could be pulled for a later League upgrade at any time.


Read: Melee supports get assisting hand as Riot looks to balance role.

  • Health regrowth increased from 50 to 75 percent.



  • Sell back worth lowered from 210 gold to 90.


  • TBA.

  • Q missile range increased from 950 to 1,050, cast sign increased from 900 to 1,000.

  • W cast range increased from 900 to 950.

Steel Shoulder guards.

  • TBA.

Rune steel Shoulders.

To bring and try parity in the southern lane, essential support items like Antique Shield, Steel Shoulder guards, Spellthiefs Edge, Spectral Sickle, and Tarpons Buckler are all getting several changes. These are mostly themed around MANA, tribute charge times, and how effective the product statistics are in the early video game.


  • TBA.

  • New effect: Katakana Gazes damage is now topped at 40 damage per second against monsters.

Jungle sustain/clear speed.

The last few weeks might have been a bit all over the shop as the League team handled the fallout from the cyberattack, however no one can implicate them of keeping it slow once the issues were all resolved.


  • TBA.

Spellthiefs Edge.


  • TBA.

What's can be found in League Patch 13.4?

  • Q damage increased from 100-280 (plus 80 percent ability power) to 100-30 (plus 90 percent ability power), cooldown minimized from 19-11 seconds to 19-9 seconds.
  • W base shield reduced from 50-150 to 50-130, cooldown altered from 22-16 seconds to 21-17 seconds.
  • E damage increased from 75-215 (plus 60 percent ability power) to 75-235 (plus 70 percent capability power).




Slightly Magical Boots.


Aurelio Sol.

  • TBA.

  • TBA.

Treasure Hunter.



If opponents were in target radius on cast, Q no longer reveals caster.

  • TBA.

Update Feb. 14, 12.17 am CT: Added numerous League BE leakages.




Domains Guard.

Read: League devs targeting varied assistance meta with 13.4 changes.

  • TBA.


  • Homage recharge timer increased from 10 to 12 seconds.

The long Riot gaze has actually come down on bot lane this week, though after a number of rounds of stabilizing changes for advertisement carries, it's actually the other half of the duo that is getting tweaked in late February.

  • TBA.

  • TBA.

  • TBA.

  • Health regeneration increased from 25 percent to 50.


  • TBA.

  • Coming quickly!

  • TBA.

Tarpons Buckler.

Frost fang.


  • TBA.

  • TBA.

21 League champs struck with nerfs and buffs.

  • TBA.

Riot desires better melee vs. varied assistance balance.

Spectral Sickle.

  • Homage recharge timer increased to 12 seconds from 10.

  • TBA.

  • Base gold minimized from 70 to 50.

  • Total gold reduced from 550 to 450.


  • 3am PT (NA).
  • 5am GMT (EU West).
  • 3am CET (EU North East).
  • 8am KR (Korea).

Thresh stands apart for special treatment this cycle too, with Riot wishing to shuffle around how Chain Warden players pick his abilities each game.

  • TBA.


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